Performance Snowboarding Lessons

If the park isn’t for you and you just want to up your piste game to tackle tougher terrain or maybe looking to get your riding up to a good standard on your path to become an instructor, having a performance lesson is the ideal lesson for you. They say stick to your strengths, my strength is my ability to perform at a level above many other riders on the piste. I love talking about piste performance, and love carving up any slope, lazy blue cruising, toe to toe or heel to heel carves, high performance carving down steeper pistes, or tackling the tough faces around Glencoe that require more technical understanding to ride effectively.

Lesson Time

Performance lessons are a great individual lesson, available anytime for any length during the day subject to availability.

Lesson Price

Standard Private lesson price of £30 per hour for one person.

If this sounds more like the riding you want to do away from tricks of “freestyle” then get in touch. Check your rider level before you book.