Freestyle Snowboarding Lessons

Can already shred a bit? Want something a little more than a basic lesson? Want to start adding in some jibs? method airs? Or stomp your first 360? I can help you step your freestyle game up.

Freestyle lessons are a great way improve your awareness on a snowboard, getting the foundations on the piste before being taken to bigger obstacles. Not only will these skills help in the park, but give you more awareness and control when your riding the slopes. Having the ability to ollie up and over areas, being comfortable riding switch when previously you would feel uncomfortable. Learning on piste jibs to be taking to boxes or rails, or even just perform on the flat. Each little element adds to your snowboarding ability and will help make you a more complete rider.

Lesson Time

Freestyle days are better, lots or riding, so freestyle lessons will take place all day, unless you feel that only a couple of hours will do you.

Lesson Price

All day shredding from £90… seriously, what more could you want.

So have a look at the rider level page, see where your ability fits in, need a little more information? couple of questions? drop me a line I’d be happy to answer them and see how I can help you.