Group Snowboard lessons

Perfect for beginner riders, groups of friends or families.

Freestyle Snowboard Lesson

Have a lesson tailored to your specific needs, private lessons are the quickest way to progress your riding.

Euro Carve Snowboarding Lesson

Time to rule the mountain, step up your game with some technical riding to take you to the next level.

Freestyle Snowboard Lesson

Bored of lazy blue cruising, want to learn your first ollie, 180 or 360? or build your confidence to hit bigger kickers?

Glenshee Ski Centre

Getting a Snowboard Lesson in Glenshee will be amazing. Scotland’s largest ski area and one I know very well from teaching there for over 4 years.

What’s the progression at Glenshee?


We would start down on the beginner slope, developing the basics in your snowboarding. Then make our way up to Claybokie and start to use the POMA lift which gives us a longer slope to practice on, refining what you know and developing turns.


Claybokie is very easy slope for us to start with our progression for the day, be it carving, freestyle or developing our turns to use on steeper slopes. We can then move to the race track, Butcharts access or Sunnyside blues.


We are off to the Glas Moal area to tackle the black and red runs. With lots of Variable terrain around that area it makes it a great place to push your riding to the next level. We also have variables next to the red race track and Butcharts Gully.

Glenshee Lift Ticket Prices

Will be updated closer to the start of the 2016/2017 season.

Glenshee Piste Map