Group Snowboard lessons

Perfect for beginner riders, groups of friends or families.

Freestyle Snowboard Lesson

Have a lesson tailored to your specific needs, private lessons are the quickest way to progress your riding.

Euro Carve Snowboarding Lesson

Time to rule the mountain, step up your game with some technical riding to take you to the next level.

Freestyle Snowboard Lesson

Bored of lazy blue cruising, want to learn your first ollie, 180 or 360? or build your confidence to hit bigger kickers?

Glencoe Mountain Resort

What’s it like to have a snowboard lesson in Glencoe? I was fortunate enough to teach in Glencoe, and it was a really good experience. With terrain for all levels, and if you want step up your freeride game, this is the place to do it!

What’s the progression at Glencoe?


The low road is nice gentle slope to learn the basics of snowboarding, a little bit of walking to be done, but it will be worth it. Then we can practice using the POMA lift system and move to the main run to pump up the mileage.


Up the Cliffy we go, and if you are comfortable with POMA’s then T-bar should be no problem with the Main Basin a good slope to get carving and have some fun on. The Wall will provide us with good steep/variable terrain to push your riding.


Let’s drop into to Canyon gully and see what you’re made of, with the spring run and the Flypaper giving us extra slope to shred and develop our variable freeriding.

We have a great resort to play with if you’re an intermediate rider wanting to step up. So get booking!

Glencoe Lift Ticket Prices

Will be updated closer to the start of the 2016/2017 season.

Glencoe Piste Map

Glencoe Piste Map