First FIS Snowboard Cross Race Repping GB

“But it was your first race”.. so they keep saying.

Ok, so on the weekend there – 14th and 15th January, I was over in Dolni Morava, Czech Republic,  competing at my first SBX race of the season part of the British Snowboard Team.

I was little nervous, but once that gate drops, it goes zooming out your head as you try to rip it down the track before the other guys.


The Saturday was good fun, some training runs on the course for an hour, before the heats kicked off.

So… pretty much my first heat didn’t go down to well, caught my nose on the lip of the wutang and crashed out. Finished 4th and moved into the first losers heat..

The start of this almost ended in the same fashion but managed to keep control and brought it back on the last jump to take my first wee win at SBX.

My Main man @iamstuartwilliamsnow gave some running commentary….

So I finshed  37th overall..


I was super pumped for Sunday… then I got smoked in my heat by these two bigger dudes… yeah so, not much I can do in that situation, I had a poor start, and they won.

Then.. I went into my losers race… I had another head to head this time against this Russian guy who on Saturday crashed into @iamstuartwilliamsnow ‘s back – fortunately, the big man was wearing a back protector.  So I was beating the guy all down the track, took a nice race line, then I got ripped on the home straight.. too busy thinking about what he was doing rather than what I should be doing.

So I am pretty disappointed about the Sunday, finished 34th.. “but it was your first race”.. yeah yeah.

I’ve learnt a lot from this first weekend racing, just gotta cut out silly mistakes and keep progressing. Looking forward to heading back to Czech on the 28th this time to Lipno and do it all over again.

Just need to get myself a raceboard to kick some ass on.

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